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Business Idea: How to Open a Cosmetics Store from Scratch

The demand for beauty products is increasing every year: today, face cream and foam for washing are not only on every woman’s shelf, but also on many men’s.

What makes sellers especially happy is that the price of products grows along with the expansion of the product line.

So why not open a small store of cosmetics and not provide yourself with a stable income!

What do you need to know in order to open a perfume and cosmetics store?

The main feature of the direction – comprehensiveness.

It is a question of a variety of products, manufacturers, as well as the target audience. Therefore, let us analyze the market in more detail.

Features of the market

Experts say that the demand for cosmetics has always been high. Even with a decrease in the earnings of the population, customers are only reoriented to other brands, but a complete rejection of shopping does not happen.

If you are a budding entrepreneur with a small budget, do not strive to open a professional cosmetics store and even more so to focus on all areas at once – choose one narrow area. For example:

Care products for women over 30;

Medical creams, ointments, shampoos;

Care products for men;

Accessories for women;

styling products.

Target audience

First decide with the general direction – who you will offer cosmetics: women or men. Then orient yourself with the age, lifestyle of potential buyers.

If there is a problem, how to open an online beauty products store, you can work simultaneously with several audiences.

Also consider that your customers:

tend to make spontaneous purchases – along with the main product offer related products;

often choose the product packaging – teenagers buy bright jars, and respectable women prefer reserved boxes.


There is a lot of competition, so newcomers often wonder if it is profitable to open a cosmetics store.

The direction is profitable, but only if you take a strong position in one of the narrow niches, such as:

The sale of natural domestic products;

The sale of Korean products, of which there are few on the market;

sale of professional goods for stylists, manicurists, tattoo artists, cosmetologists.

Main formats of cosmetics and perfumery stores

The most popular formats for the sale of cosmetics:

an island in the shopping center;

Independent department in the shopping center;

A separate store in a passable location.

Choose format depending on your budget.

It is cheapest to sell from an island, because you don’t even have to buy showcases for this format – the malls often rent them out.

The formation of the assortment

The range should conform to the concept of business.

In the early stages, buy goods in small batches, especially when you are going to open a small store of cosmetics.

Many suppliers allow you to take orders on credit – later you will pay for it with the proceeds.

Features of promotion

Try to involve multiple sales channels at once:


Social media, including targeting;

advertising from bloggers;

contextual advertising;

buying a customer base to send out promotions, news;

loyalty programs.

How much can be earned on the sale of cosmetics

Profits depend on the size of margins:

hygiene products – 15-25%;

Decorative means – 20-50%;

Perfumes – 40-100%.

The average payback period of the project – 2 years.

What risks may face the owner

At first glance, opening a cosmetics store is feasible even for a novice entrepreneur. But don’t jump to conclusions. Most businessmen in a niche inevitably face a number of difficulties:

Competition – to stand up to other stores, don’t spare money on marketing;

higher purchase prices – followed by an increase in the selling price, which can discourage customers; to avoid the problem, work with several suppliers;

poor service – control the work of the staff and be sure to conduct training.

It is not difficult to open a cosmetics store, the main thing is to think carefully about all aspects of the work!

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