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Printing on T-shirts – an Interesting Business Idea

Printing images on mugs, apparel or T-shirts as a business is a great way to start your own business.

It does not require large investments and in-depth knowledge. Start a stable income will be obtained as a beginner and a seasoned entrepreneur.

The main thing – you need to make a detailed business plan with calculations.

Business Features

At the planning stage of the business, pay a lot of attention to the technology of printing on T-shirts.

It will determine the appearance of the clothes and the desire to return to you. The best option is to choose “thermal transfer” technology. It’s economical, you get bright drawings, and you can put on your clothes absolutely everything, even photos.

How to open your own workshop for printing on T-shirts?

Planning to open a studio for printing on T-shirts, there are many nuances to consider.

The success of printing depends on how deeply the details are worked out. Learning how to print is only the first step.

The selection of premises

The business plan of the T-shirt printing studio should include the location of the point where the work will be done.

The success of the company depends on it. The greater the passability, the more profitable.

Shopping malls are best suited. As practice shows, in a freestanding store come less customers.

Another successful location is near hotels. In this case, customers will be guests of the city.

There is no need to rent large premises. It is enough to allocate a corner for a table, install a few shelves with examples of their work and a drawer for storing raw materials.

Necessary equipment

Making a business plan for printing on t-shirts with calculations, you should take into account the preliminary expenses:


printer for printing images;

removable cartridges;

thermal press;

Selection of staff

At first you can work alone.

After a few months, when it will be decided to open an additional point of printing on T-shirts, you will need an assistant.

When selecting candidates, knowledge of technology is important.

Selection of suppliers and the sales market

A large number of customers can be obtained only by those who do not skimp on advertising.

No less important is holding promotions and discounts, people are always attracted by the benefits.

Thanks to such proposals will get ahead of the competition.

To attract as many customers as possible, expand the range of products.

You can print images not only on T-shirts and mugs, but also create unique plates, magnets, and calendars.

You can find your customers by contracting with gift shops.

Why is it worth getting involved in t-shirt printing?

The t-shirt printing business has been in demand for decades and its relevance will not be lost.

Now, when everyone wants to stand out, to show their individuality, unique clothing will come in handy.

Other advantages:

T-shirts and mugs are most often bought as an inexpensive gift;

To open your own business requires a modest investment;

Your store is easy to advertise in social networks, and does not always need the help of specialists;

Opportunity to save on rent of premises;

leading experts have established the profitability of 100%;

If things don’t go well, you can always recoup the money spent by selling the equipment you have.

At the beginning to give up printing on their own shirts, only work to order.

Risk assessment

Open a business for printing images on t-shirts – a decision that is easy to implement.

Many entrepreneurs understand this, so the market is filled with such companies, the competition is high.

The risk of going bankrupt is always there, so that this does not happen, you need to regularly generate new ideas.

Some firms are confident in their success, do not expand their production, printing the same kind of pictures.

It is advantageous to be in the trend: the application of current images, creating a visual of the social network and regular posting, a wide range of t-shirts, etc.

Additionally, you can learn the basics of working with graphic editors to surprise customers with the quality of your prints.

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