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Of course everyone knows about plastic, and of course all of us know about its harm for nature. But what if we can produce not harmful, for nature, product.

If you make good information company about bioplastic, I am pretty sure that lots of us will buy products made or bioplastic just to support the movement for healthy planet.

The technology exists already, and bioplastic is made of avocado seeds.

You will be surprised, but near US territory there are lots of avocado seeds, take a look on Mexico. There are tons of avocado seeds, and they do not know, what to do with them.

There are not much companies, which produce bioplastic from avocado seeds, and that meens that you will be one of the first companies, which will get lots of extra cash from it.

The good thing is that this seeds of avocado are just thrown away, and I am pretty sure it will not be very difficult for you top trade with Mexican factories, which deal with avocado.

Of course there are lots of technologies to make bioplastic from different products like corn or potatoes, but the best and cheapest way is making bioplastic from avocado seeds.

Bioplastic is our future, and you will do a right thing by doing it.

Our planet and your kids will say you, – “Thank you”.

Just watch online how harmful is regular plastic, and how harmful it is. And maybe it will help you to make right decision.

We have only one home, and you can be the person who can make it much safer and cleaner.

The best thing about bioplastic is that it breaks up very quickly, and as far as you know it is not true about regular plastic.

And fast breaking up period of bioplastic makes it the product of the future.

If you are not very interested in bioplastic, just keep an eye on this technology, maybe it will make you rech and happy.

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