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Production Of Keys

One of the oldest and most reliable business was always production of keys, or production of key duplicates.

It is a good business almost everywhere, and it doesn’t take lots of investments.

Very often there is a need to have couple of keys from one lock, and the only way to solve this problem is to order second key, or order key duplicate.

To start this business you will not need lots of money, but you will need lots of patience, and you will need a small place for your business, where people can come and make orders.

You will need to buy equipment for key production, and it doesn’t cost too much.

And as I mentioned before you will need money for renting a place for your small business.

Don’t forget about raw-materials, you will need to buy them also.

The ideal place for such business is a trading mall. There you will need a small room, where you will produce keys and take orders.

When customers will see how you make keys, they will admire it, and probably you can use this moment as a part of marketing.

Equipment for key production costs about 3 000 dollars, so it is really small investment.

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