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Packaging Of Potatoes As A Business

Vegetables are really interesting product for sale, and potatoes are very popular among Americans.

As for me I like french fries with ketchup.

Lots of stores sell potatoes, but sometimes it is difficult for shops to pack potatoes.

It is difficult to clean potatoes and to pack them. And if you will do it for shops, you will have enough money.

You will need about 5 000 dollars for a start, and your own small truck to deliver potatoes.

For a first time you can use your garage as a workshop for packaging potatoes.

You can make one clean and pack it.

You can buy about 260 pounds of potatoes for a start, just to try will your business run or not.

And you will need to buy packing materials for packaging.

Then you can sell your potatoes to all shops near your place.

You have to understand, that about 10% of all your potatoes will not be really good, and of course you don’t need to sell bad potatoes.

That is why price of your potatoes will be little bit higher then regular ones.

You can earn really good money running this business, you can buy potatoes in autumn, when it is really cheap, and sell it in spring time, when the price is really high.

This business is interesting and not really difficult, and if you will be serious about it, you can earn really good money.

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