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Drinking Water Production

Drinking water is a product, and you can easily run your business selling drinking water. You can sell it in plastic bottles or in glass bottles, it is up to you, but you can sell it.

It is not so difficult as you think to run such business.

You will need special equipment, drinking water, and license. And you are almost there.

First of all you need to find water.

If you will find well of drinking water, you are lucky one, because it is almost half of the hole thing.

Then you have to make special tests, so you can be sure, that water is good enough for drinking.

Then you will need equipment to get water out of well, and filter it.

After it you will need bottles, and it is up to you if you will make your own bottles, or buy some somewhere.

Of course if you have your own production of bottles, you can make them unique and well known in US.

Then you will need to look, where and how you can sell your water.

You can go online and look for someone who needs bottled water, or just buy some internet banners for improving your marketing.

But of course you will need someone who will buy your drinking bottled water, otherwise this business will have no sense at all.

Keep in mind that this business depends on different seasons, sometimes you can sell lots of water, sometimes you will not sell any bottle.

In two and a half years you will get profit out of your business, so be patient.

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