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Mobile Hotel With Room Delivery.

As for me mobile hotel sounds strange, but it is not so if you think a while about it.

The Idea of such hotel is, that tourist can ask our hotel company to deliver a hotel room to the place he wants.

Sounds crazy but it is possible to do. And there are several companies in Europe, which have such services.

So we will need mobile room, with bad, shower, and hot food in certain place, for short period of time.

I think that now it is more then possible.

You have to make such room, the main idea is that it has to be strong enough, so you can transport it.

Food is not a problem also, so we will not stop on it.

And of course we will need good advertisement online.

I think we have to think about tourist web pages, because our customers will be tourists mostely.

And we have to think about electricity, WiFi, and water.

All this we can sort out if we think a little how to arrange it in the cheapest way.

Of course we will not able to make good hotel room in the middle of the mountain or somewhere else, so we have to think in what cases we have to say NO to our customers.

Anyway this is very interesting business, and you will be one of the few who will start it.

That is why you will not have lots of competitors and lots of customers.

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