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Manufacturing of Plastic Pipes: How to Open Your Own Production

Production of plastic pipes is considered a popular and promising area of business. How much it costs, where to look for suppliers and what the risks may be, we will consider in this article.

Market analysis

Over the past few years, the demand for the product has increased in volume, so pipes as a business today is a relevant decision.

Back in 2016 there was a shortage of raw materials on the market, and in subsequent years the situation stabilized.

Advantages of plastic pipe manufacturing business

The advantages of manufacturing pipes as a business are the long service life of products, ease of installation, versatility.

Undoubtedly, these parameters attract customers, from which the product is in demand.

Business registration and documents

The choice of form depends on how you plan to sell the goods.

Suppliers of raw materials

In the business of manufacturing plastic pipes, every component is important, including the choice of suppliers.

Technology of polyethylene pipes

First, the pelletized raw material is loaded into the receiving hopper of the extruder, from there it passes into a cylinder where it is heated.

The next stage is calibration, with the help of special equipment the final shape is obtained.

And the last step is cutting and laying the pipes in coils. Depending on the thickness and size guillotine cutters or circular saws are used.


Advertising is an important component for a successful business in any field.

Competition in the pipe manufacturing market is quite high, so it is necessary to provide the most favorable conditions and loyalty programs for customers.

Customers can be large construction stores and bases, companies in the field of housing and communal services, construction firms and individuals.

It is best to promote yourself by all known means and do not skimp on advertising.

This can be advertising on television, radio, handing out flyers, promotion through social networks, outdoor advertising.

The risks and disadvantages of business

The main risk – the lack of customers. But, as you know, a quality product will always be in demand and bring income to the entrepreneur.

In general, pipes as a business is a sought-after niche.

The materials do not deteriorate for decades, do not rot and are not subject to temperature changes and moisture exposure.

Applications and properties of plastic pipes

Pipes are widely used in light and heavy industry.

They are used in food, chemical, oil and gas and medical industries, as well as in domestic needs.

Advantages – low cost, easy installation, corrosion resistance, environmental friendliness.

The price of finished products depends on the type and diameter. The more, the more expensive, respectively.

Entrepreneurs report that the payback period is an average of 2 years. It all depends on the location and sales volume of the products.

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