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How To Make Money Without Money, Looking For Investor

Business idea, how to make money without money – we are looking for an investor for our real estate project.

Many of us have good ideas about making money.

For example, you live in a small town and see that a certain business niche is not occupied. If you are from a metropolis, then here the possibilities are much greater.

But the trouble is that there are interesting ideas, but there is no own capital for their implementation. This is how many interesting projects die.

In fact, there is a simple way out of this situation – to find investments for a business.

The main ways to find money for a startup

The easiest way is to ask the bank for help. But banks practically do not give loans purely for the project. They will require reliable collateral for return.

Therefore, if you have something to offer the bank – go for it.

If not, then we move on to other scenarios, which are discussed in detail below:

Search for an investor on the Internet. One of the most popular and, most importantly, real options. Many people are looking for where it is more profitable to invest their savings, and if your project is interesting, they will definitely want to consider it.

For a successful startup, you can simply google something like “private investment for a project” or “how to make money in real estate without money” in a search engine. Good prospects are opened up by social networks, thematic business platforms, and various forums.

Business angels. Another interesting concept that came into our lives a few years ago. These are private investors who often join communities and are ready to invest in the most interesting startups. True, they are usually not interested in small amounts, and they prefer to deal with grandiose projects.

Search through friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives. What is the beauty of this method that it does not require special movements at all.

We met on the street an acquaintance whom we had not seen for a long time, and told him about the problem, and also asked him to pass the information on. This is how the so-called “word of mouth” works.

Let’s move on – perhaps your uncle or aunt is not opposed to successfully attaching savings, and bank interest does not give the profit that they would like. True, there is a risk of seriously worsening family or friendly relations if the project fails;

Specialized resources. They can have a variety of shapes. These are interest clubs, business trainings, seminars and webinars, portals dedicated to startups, various associations of entrepreneurs.

They can be held both live and online. Finding investments for a business in a business environment is not a problem if the idea is really carefully thought out and calculated.

Be sure to attend such events, make new acquaintances. And they are certainly held in your locality. If not, then use the services of the same Internet.

Crowdfunding. Another foreign new concept that has entered our business environment and lexicon. It can be translated as public or collective financing. In the West, it has long been widespread, and with its help, thousands of start-up entrepreneurs were able to realize themselves.

To do this, the person who wishes to publish briefly the essence of his idea on special sites, and also indicates the conditions under which he needs to receive capital. All those who wish to share join his project and then proportionally claim a part of the profits.

Today, this mechanism is widely used in the field of charity, attracting investors to create films, holding festivals, releasing music collections, etc.

Where and how to find investments on the Internet
In a word, the key directions for finding investments were listed above.

More specifically, there are certain sites where this search is carried out most often and most successfully.

How to behave with an investor – business advice
Now we will give some recommendations on how to properly build communication with an investor so that he chooses and trusts you, and not other participants.

First you need to analyze your idea from different angles and make sure that you know everything about it.

Find out the offers of competitors, and whether they exist at all. Calculate absolutely all the costs that can be in the positive and negative scenarios.

It is best if graphics and visual support for your startup are made. People like such information. The business plan must be printed, and it must be taken with you to the meeting.

Next, every investor will want to know how much they can make from this, and you should be prepared for that question. After that, he will be interested in exactly how you plan to do it.

The first contact with a potential co-founder should be kept fairly short and as business-like as possible. It is optimal if you manage to meet live for a cup of coffee.

You make general outlines of the project without going deep into details. Be sure to manipulate several numbers: costs, profit for him and for you, payback period.

If he is interested, then at the next meeting it will already be necessary to lay out all the details and the slightest nuances.

And one more thing: no investor wants to invest in a theoretically profitable idea if he does not see that your eyes literally burn from it.

For our part, we promise maximum support for those financial geniuses who are looking for how to make money in real estate without money, but do not know how.

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