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Opening Recreation Center.

Lots of Americans like to spend their vocation in recreation center. There are lots of recreation centers in America, especially near rivers, lakes, and sea.

People like being near the river or a lake, people feel themselves more safe, and it helps them to relax.

Americans like to spend their free time in USA and don’t go abroad. So you can have really big chances that you will get lots of customers.

If you decided to run your own recreation center, then you need to think, should you build it from zero, and it will be really expensive.

Or you can buy a ready one, but really old, and you can rebuild it. It will take you less money and efforts.

Or you can find a variant in the middle – you can buy several houses, and make infrastructure for recreation center.

You need to keep in mind, what exactly your customer will want, for example it can propose family vocation for all family members.

Or it can be recreation center for young people who will swim and play active games for example tennis. And a gym will be a smart idea in this case.

Recreation centers are getting more and more popular in America, and lots of businessmen invest their money in it.

So what is bad about it?

Lets say not bad, but little bit problematic.

You will not be able to get your money in one year, you will need at least three years.

You will need to sort out all problems with land, electricity, water in buildings, and all staff like that.

If your price will be to high – you will be out of customers, if you will too little price, you will be out of rooms, and it is the biggest problem with recreation center.

You will need really good workers, and they need to be rally kind with customers.

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