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Paintbrush Brush For Drawing On Touch Screens

Introduction of innovative technologies simplifies work of modern designers, who use in their work different gadgets with sensor screen.

Tablets are very popular among designers because of simplicity to make sketches and photo processing. And it is very easy to show portfolio to the customers with a use of Tablet.

There are not only good parts but there are disadvantages as well, for example: it is very difficult to draw something without some additional hardware. And developers of Sensu Brush understood it.

As a result the new hardware for drawing on the tablet appeared with the help of Artist Hardware company. And it is Sensu Brush.

Possibilities of the device.

This brush gives possibilities to draw everything you want on any tablet device. Using of special software for tablet makes hard things possible to draw on any tablet.

And it is not so difficult to make a masterpiece of the drawing art.

Sensu Brush gives unique possibilities not only for painters and designers, but even everyone can draw whatever he wants.

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