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Case That Converts Smartphone In To Polaroid.

polaroid photoes picturesDid you think about printing your pictures at once, when you take a picture.

There are such technologies already. So it is very good possibility to make money on it.

Let’s go back to the times when people used Polaroid for taking pictures. Maybe at that time it was not very profitable, but now there is a big possibility that if someone can connect smartphone to a printing device, he can earn more than enough money.

The main idea is to make small device, which you can use as a smartphone case and as a printing machine.

And it will be amazing if this device can print pictures at once, when the shot will be done.

Maybe quality will not be very good, but if you remember Polaroids pictures, they were not very good. But the main idea was to make pictures as fast as it is possible.

And if this device will make pictures very fast, this business will grow very fast.

This business is new, and you will not have lots of competitors, so profit will be very big.

Nostalgia is not the only profit of this business idea, in this case we will bring modern digital world to a reality.

And we can watch at paper picture and pass it to everyone who is nearby to you.

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