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A Flower Pot With Rain.

This new thing has won a Spark Awards in 2013. A flower pot with rain is a special pot for flowers with a small tank for water in a form of small cloud above it.

In the upper part of the cloud is a small hole for water, and in the bottom there are lots of small holes for making small rain. It looks very cute.

This small invention is for those who always forget to water flowers.

In such pot plants are growing in natural condition, and it helps them to grow.

This pot is very cute for kids and grownups. And it develops love for nature among young kids.

Kids who will play with such pots will respect nature and ecology, and nowadays it is very important.

A flower pot with rain is developed for helping plant to grow without need to water it regularly. And it is very comfortable to grow plant in such pot.

Sometimes it is really important to water flower slowly, and little cloud with holes solves this problem.

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