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Mini Zoo Where It Is Allowed To Touch Animals As A Business

mini zooMini Zoo is a place where there are lots of domestic animals and farm domestic animals, and this animals like humans and they can’t harm children. And it can become a really good business, because lots of small children like domestic and farm animals.

In this mini zoo visitors can feed animals and touch them. And lots of people think, that it is really funny.

But to open such mini zoo, you need about 100 000 dollars, and probably you should add some extra money.

First of all you must find a place for such zoo, and it is not as easy as it seems, it is really hard to find a place where you can keep farm animals, even pretty animals.

You must feed animals and clean them, and that is why you need to hire enough workers to do it.

You need enough water for drinking, and food for animals. And it is not really cheap as you can think.

dog in a mini zooBut in addition you can place your kiosks with food for visitors and cold drinks, and it will be additional money for you.

And don’t forget about clowns and animators who will entertain children or probably grownups.

You can allow to make pictures for money only, and it will be additional money for your business.

You can add as much additional services as it is only possible, because you will need lots of money to return.

It is really hard to understand how much time you need to get your investment back, but if your mini zoo is opened all the year round, you are able to get your money back in three or four years.

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