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The Liquid That Allows You To Shake The Ketchup To The Last Drop

Everyone knows, that sometimes it is very difficult to get out of the bottle ketchup or other souse.

This problem can be solved by Dave Smith and Krip Waransi, who invented LiquiGlide – non toxic spray, which makes bottle inside very slippery, so ketchup can easily slide down the bottle. And all ketchup can be outside of the bottle.

How does it work?

“LiquiGlide” consists of special material that makes possible all ketchup to get out of any bottle.

How did they invent this formula?

Inventors of this company conducted lots of experiments with almost 100 kidns of different materials, to choose the only one that works really good.


Inventors say, that this liquid can be good enough for several years.


It is supposed that LiquiGlide will bring their inventors lots of money from sales of every bottle, only few cents, but it is a good business anyway.

Plans for future.

First products which were made with the help of LiquiGlide are already in sale worldwide and in US. Inventors have really ambitious plans for future of their products. And they plan to be as well known company as Dupont is.

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