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Paintbrush For Drawing On Touch Screens

Innovations in different technologies help modern designers and programmers to work more productive.

Especially if designers use different gadgets with sensors. Tablet is very popular among designers, because it is very easy to show their works to customers easily. And it is the best way to keep their portfolio in one place.

That is why tablets are very popular among designers, but unfortunately there are several disadvantages. One disadvantage is that it is really difficult to draw with a brush tool. And this instrument is really needed for all designers.

That is why one company decided to make spacial brush for tablets and they called it Sensu Brush.

And company Artist Hardware really did such paintbrush for tablets and all devices with touch screens.

What are possibilities of this device?

As you know this paintbrush allows to draw on a touch screen of any device like it is a real paintbrush. Spacial software makes possible to work with all possible graphical software of different developers.

And with the use of favorite software there are no limitations for graphical designers.

Because of special material designers feels this paintbrush as it is a real brush. And that is why it is really easy to make masterpieces.

But this gadget is not only for graphical designers, any child can have lots of fun with its tablet and this paintbrush.

And it makes this brush a unique product on the market.

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