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Tent With Solar Battery, As Business Idea.

Do you like to go outside? I mean to go somewhere as  far as it is possible from civilization?

I think there are many people who would like to go somewhere, but they just can not leave their devices and gadgets.

And somewhere in the woods there is not much possibilities to recharge your smartphone.

What if we could connect our tent with solar battery, and get electricity for our gadgets.

This is possible already, and there are few companies on the market who run this business already.

All technologies for it exist already. And all you need is to put all it together.

Then you will need to find the way how to sell your “solar tents”.

I think internet can help you with distribution, and it will not cost you a lot.

Maybe even you can try Ebay as idea for distribution.

Anyway the idea is very good, and you will not need lots of money to invest in your tent business.

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