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Multifunctional Gadget For Bicycle.

There are lots of reasons why people refuse from regular transport, and prefer bicycle instead. First of all it is prices for transport, and traffic jams, and of course lots of people care about their health and environment.

But also there are lots of gadgets for bicycles. And they can really improve just a regular ride in something really special.

There is one German company COBI which decided to produce really interesting gadgets for bicycles. Their gadget has about one hundred smart functions, and this gadget can really improve regular bicycle.

The idea of COBI is really very simple – to make only one gadget and to connect it via smartphone. Usually their competitors don’t do it, and always produce isolated gadgets.

This device can be uses as a flash light, trafficator, or charger for smartphone or other devices.

Special developed mobile app for smartphone can communicate with gadget to look for physical activity and speed of a bicycle.

And of course it will be useful, when gadget switches on light automatically, and warns about changing weather conditions.

Market of bicycle gadgets doesn’t have lots of players, so you can invest some money in it, and you can make really good business.

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