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Bicycle With Air Cleaning Function

Some people say, that it is a great idea to make a bicycle with air cleaning function. This bicycle is only a concept and doesn’t exist yet, but there are several designers from Bangkok, who make their best to make such bicycle.

However, being a concept this bicycle has a right to be interesting for investors, and young entrepreneurs.

Everyone understands that bicycle with air cleaning function will be super popular among potential clients.

The main idea is to make air circulate during a ride through system of filters, which can make air good for breathing. And inside such bicycle there will be special equipment for photosynthesis.

When bicycle is not in use it still can make oxygen because of accumulator inside it.

For now designers have only model of the bicycle but soon they will make a working model.

Riding bicycle helps people to be in fit, and if it can help them to make air cleaner it is a great idea itself.

Lots of reach people are ready to buy such bicycle just to show that they support green movement. So as a business idea it is really good.

If you have enough money to do something like this, you should give yourself a chance.

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