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Reflective Bicycle

Lumen is a first in the world reflective bicycle that is produced on a regular basis. This reflective bicycle is very safe, because it reflects light from the passing buy cars, and these bicycles are seen on the road.

Riding the bicycle in the city means lots of dangerous, and it doesn’t matter how experience cyclist is.

And now Lumen appears, which is the first in the world produced reflective bicycle, which provides really good safety during night rides, because bicycle reflects light very good.

The main idea is that bicycle at night time behaves like cat eyes, and it is impossible not to notice it on the road.

And even tires reflect light of the passing by cars. And even on the 1000 feet driver of any car can see the reflection from the car.

Lumen produces in five sizes. And there is modification with transmission, and model with just one speed.

And if you have enough money you can start produce your own reflective bicycles.

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