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Perfect Lighting For Foodstagraming In Restaurants

In South African restaurant El Burro appeared new device, which allows customers to make professional photo pictures of their orders for Instagram, let’s call it foodstagraming.

Such social platform as Instagram can easily help any person to became professional photographer out of regular fallover.

Nowadays in Australia there is 1888 Hotel, which allows their customers to rent special equipment, which allows to make really good pictures with the use of smartphone.

And let’s come back to restaurant in South Africa. Special equipment was done by ISP MWEB, and it is special light which helps to make good pictures for Instagram.

Let me tell you, how it works, customer puts his order inside this special device, and customer chooses the best variant of the light for picture. And when everything is fine, customer takes a picture of the food, and puts this picture to Instagram.

And if customer uploads picture of his order with hashtag #dinnercam he can get a free printing of his pictures.

There is a joke, that people like foodstagraming much more, then they enjoy their meal.

But of course it is a joke, and popularity of this phenomena can make you really good money if you invest some money in such device in your restaurant.

And if customer will share its pictures with others with hashtag of your restaurant, it will be a really good add of your restaurant.

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