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Growing Green-Staff For Sale

So the idea of this article is growing green-staff like onions and dill for sale.

The reasons to grow green-staff are:

  • Green-staff is in a big demand;
  • To run this business you don’t need a lot of staff and knowledge;
  • Price of planting material is very low;
  • Profitability is extremely high;
  • It doesn’t take lots of investments;

For example dill is very expensive, you can go to the store and look how much it costs.

Productivity depends on lots of factors – weather, soil, sort of dill, and many others.

Average productivity is 1,5 kilos of product on one square meter of land.

Average time of dill’s growing is about 45 days. So it seems to be a really profitable business.

If you decide to grow onions it will be little bit more difficult. Lots of depend of sort of onion. And prices for onions are not so good as for dill.

Of course we have to keep in mind our expenses which will be about 30% of profit, that will be cost for landing material, transportation and fertilizer.

And our profit will be 70%. Not lots of businesses have such good profit.

You have to think about sales, because dill and onions cannot be fresh for a long period of time.

If you have your own transport it is great if not, you have to hire someone with his transport.

It will be a smart idea to build a greenhouse, so you can grow green-staff all the year round.

Fresh green-staff is in a big demand all the time.

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