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Solar Paint

Everyone knows about existence of solar batteries, but is it possible to use paint on the building as a solar battery, it is really interesting question. And scientists made paint that can generate energy out of sun light.

And this paint can work as replacement for solar batteries.

It is hard to imagine that paint on the building can produce enough energy to use it for powering everything inside from TV set to smartphone.

Is it real?

Scientists from University of Notre Dame made a great discovery. Team of scientists made “solar paint” and this paint can generate electricity because of special nano particles.

And it is already working idea, and all you need to get electricity is to paint something with special paint, and this paint can produce electricity out of sun light.

For now this way of getting electricity is not so efficient as regular solar battery, the difference is 90%. But still idea is very good.

But paint can be produced much cheaper and in much more quantities then regular solar batteries, and from this side it is very profitable.

So if you have enough money you can invest in such project and get enough money out of it.

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