small investment > Business idea of production and sale busy boards for children

Business idea of production and sale busy boards for children

busy board for childrenThe business idea of making and selling busy boards is a great start for your business with a small investment. How to start busy boarding?

Many parents are willing to invest a significant portion of their budget in the purchase of educational games, designers, and more.

One of the trendy devices for the development of good motor skills and logic skills for child is a busy board.

It is a development board that contains various small items (calculators, locks, TV controller, miniature wall clock, toys, various balls, etc.)

Basically any element that attracts the child’s attention can be placed on the busy board. Children enjoy exploring unfamiliar objects and can spend 30-40 minutes of their time for this exciting activity.

Otherwise, use this time for work.

Making busy boards is a great idea for a home business.

By creating business tables, you can organize your home business with a modest initial investment.

Man and woman can handle this area of activity. The most important thing in this business is to understand the needs of children and have a creative mind.

How much money do you need to start a busy board business?
Investment capital of several thousand dollars is enough to create something worthy.

These funds can be used to purchase consumables.

It is advisable to create ideas for creating compositions without borrowing them from the Internet. The author’s works are more appreciated.

Body dimensions may vary (40 × 80 or 80 × 60 cm).
If you want a new entrepreneur to specialize in the production of large development boards, it is more profitable.

The cost of the development board usually does not exceed 500 dollars.

To do this, you need to buy a special furniture board, which will serve as the basis for the future product.

Developer elements, toys, etc. are listed on the purchased board.

How much do you get for setting up a business board?

It is advisable to design business boards in color, decorate them with various ribbons, thematic stickers or drawings. The market value of the board of directors of a large company reaches 100 dollars.

You can get a net profit of up to 500 dollars from the sale of the developer board.

To increase business profits, you can offer your customers a busy assembly service from the parts they purchase.

If the trader is able to sell at least one development board a day, his profit will be 4-5 thousand dollars a month.

You can sell your products on social networks. Entrepreneurs only need to place advertisements in groups dedicated to the education and development of children.

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