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Bookstore With Only One Book

In a regular book store you can find lots of books, and it is OK for us. But it is very difficult to decide what book you want to buy. And sometimes you don’t buy any, because of a big choice.

But if there will be only one book of a famous writer, it is possible that customers will buy it. And it is interesting, and unique.

Smart idea will be to invite author of the book, so everyone can talk to him, and of course buy his book. But you have to advertise such meetings online, google adwords is a best choice for it. So you will have huge amount of potential customers.

You have to think about the building, good idea is to paint it in white. And put there minimum furniture. On the walls you can hang illustrations to the book, you sell. So every person that will enter your shop can feel the spirit of the book.

You can use this idea to sell not only books, but everything you want, you need to use your imagination and that’s it.

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