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Flower Hotel As A Business Idea

flower hotelThe business idea of ​​opening a flower hotel is very unique and there is not much competitors on this marker.

Investment is about $ 5,000, or even lesst. So lets think about how to organize a business to open a hotel for flowers.

Such hotel for plants, is a unique idea, and very promising.

In fact, many people who are on vacation for two weeks do not know how to water their houseplants. And that is why your business can help them.

Usually vacationers are asking their relatives and friends to water their flowers. But now you can propose such people your flower hotel, and there is no need to disturb someone else.

And lets be honest your relatives and neighbours usually don’t know how to water your flowers.

flower hotel There is not enough theoretical knowledge, and practical experience.

The professional is required to understand all the complexes of houseplant care: types of fertilizers; irrigation regimes; characteristics of prevailing climatic conditions; pest control methods; Many other nuances of the work of a gardener florist.

From the personal qualities, the future owner of a plant hotel should have love for all types of plants and should like to take care of them.

So, how much money do you need to open a flower hotel?

The availability of start-up capital to open a new type of business can be minimal.

If there is no funds to rent real estate for the hotel, they can first be placed in your apartment or in the country.

The minimum equipment required are fluorescent lamps for guests who love light and humidifiers for plants that love high humidity.

The total cost of opening a flower hotel can be around thousands of dollars.

Thanks to the small initial capital, this business idea is an attractive investment. And part of the opening costs should be focused on the promotional activities of the new flower hotel.

The main consumers of the service are the owners of various houseplants and plants who cannot take care of themselves for a while.

To start a new business, you must first make sure that you have enough knowledge and experience in caring for houseplants.

And you need necessary equipment for a flower hotel.

Another is the organization of space. Many flower boards must be equipped so that each type of plant has an optimistic placement.

And you need to install humidifiers connected to sunlight. You need to take care of all the necessary equipment for the care of old flowers.

The next step in organizing a hotel for plants should be to make a pricing policy.

Moreover, additional services can be added to the main type of flower service at the hotel. It can be transplantation of plants, their treatment, watering with various fertilizers.

In conclusion, some people don’t like live flowers inside their appartment.

Growing houseplants and their subsequent sale is an enriching and at the same time interesting activity.

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