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Business Idea of Emotional Relaxation Room

emotional relaxation roomThe business idea to open a room for emotional relaxation is not new in USA.

Let’s think, how to organize your own business by opening an “anti-stress” room.

And most residents of a large cities live in a state of constant stress.

They have nowhere to throw extra adrenaline and give free their emotions.

Few people think that they can make money at the anger of others.

A good idea for organizing a small business in the metropolis is to open an “Anti-Stress” room.

In it you have to create the necessary conditions for emotional relaxation.

Your customers must be able to destroy furniture, consumer electronics, shout, jump, etc. in obscene language.

In other words, one can do everything that is not possible in everyday life.

In addition, different competitions must take place in various rooms: to release emotions.

However, such fights must be organized with the care so as not to injure their participants. The initial funds can be used to rent a small living space in a room to relieve stress.

Its walls should be characterized by extra sound insulation so that visitors do not disturb others.

The next phase is the purchase of consumer electronics and equipment, which destroys the customers of the establishment.
Fortunately, defective TVs, computers, laptops are always offered for free on special forums.

So, such advertisements appear on various electronic boards on the Internet.

Such a holiday can be compared to a visit to a spa or yoga lessons.
It is no wonder that wealthy residents of megacities are willing to pay even 2-3 hundreds dollars for it.

If the room is visited by at least 3 people a day, then the initial investment can return in 2 months.

How much money do you need to start a business?

This company requires an investment of 100,000 dollars. These funds will be used to pay the rental property and make the necessary repairs, as well as to purchase equipment that will be demolished by visitors.

However, the rent will be 50,000, – the same amount must be set aside for the payment of 1-2 employees in the first month.

For the remaining funds, it is necessary to create a suitable interior and purchase equipment.

How to choose equipment?

So, simple office furniture and a laptop were purchased for the administrator. Customers need the following inventory;

glass, ceramics, crystal objects;

many mirrors of different sizes;
photo frames;

musical instruments (second hand);

bit, hammer, sledgehammer.

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