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Opening Sushi Shop

Sushi shop is a place where you can come and order sushi, but you will not eat it at once buy you can take it to your place.

This is a very interesting idea, and because it is a shop and not a restaurant, the price for sushi is lower then in a regular sushi restaurant.

And the main idea of sushi shop is not only a price of sushi, but it is in watching for preparing sushi process.

Your customers can order sushi and watch, how cook prepares their sushi. Customers like this process a lot.

There is no sense to open a sushi shop in a place with population less then 100 000.

So you can start your sushi shop almost everywhere in USA.

You can start your sushi shop on your own, or you can buy franchise.

If you decided to buy a franchise you can spend less money on organization and marketing.

Marketing is a head ache of a main office, buy not yours.

But if you start your own sushi shop, you will have much more freedom, buy you will make lots of mistakes on the beginning of your business.

But you can open a small sushi shop, and you will not need a big place for it. You will need about 430 square feet of a space for a start.

Of course if you have a small shop, you will have much less income, buy you will be able to start your business much faster.

In addition you will need to buy lots of equipment for making sushi, and it is not cheap, buy affordable.

And of course you will need to find really good food suppliers for your sushi, and this is crucial.

Without really good food suppliers it will be impossible for you to run your sushi business.

For a start you will need about 40 000 dollars, maybe little bit more.

But your profit out of this business will be really big, and in about a year you will get your investments back, and after it you will have only pure profit.

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