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Water Well Drilling

Water well drilling is a seasonal business. Mostly your customers will be owners of country houses.

Advantages are really big, when someone gets his own water.

This business is really needed in a place where there is no central water supply.

Usually May is very busy in such business.

You will get most customers from March and till August.

So if you decided to start your business, it will be a good idea to start in winter, and when lots of your potential customers will know about your business, you will get lots of orders in April.

It is really good idea to invest in Internet marketing, because usually people will look for water well drilling online, and only after it, they will think to look for it offline.

What are expenses?

To drill one yard you will spend about $100.

Average deep of a water well is about 19 yards.

So you will spend about $1900 for one water well.

Don’t forget about special equipment for water well drilling, which costs about $6000.

So this business is very good, if you don’t have lots of money for a start.

You will get profit in about of one month if you have at least two customers a week.

I seems really good as a good business, but it is only preventive calculations, and maybe you will need much more money for a start.

And you will need to be a good water well driller, and have good experience in it.

Water well drilling can look like old fashioned business, but it is not true.

Drilling of wells will be profitable business for long period of time.


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