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Inflatable Water Blob Amusement As A Business

Inflatable water blob is a very interesting amusement on the water.

And you can run such business with minimum investments, you can’t even imagine how cheap this business is.

If you want to earn really good money during summer time, water blob will help you with it.

All you need for a start is a place, where you can put a water blob and a small tower from which your customers will jump on a water blob.

People in America like water blobs and you will have lots of customers without any additional marketing or promotion.

For all your business probably you will need about not more then 5 000 dollars, or maybe less.

A water blob costs less then one thousand dollars, and you should only rent a place near the water and install a small tower so people can jump to a blob.

There are some water blobs with small towers in addition, but it is not really difficult to hire some carpenters who will make you a really good tower.

It is really difficult to say how much money you can earn running this business, but probably sum will be about 4 000 dollars per month, if you have enough customers.

Anyway this business is full of joy and happiness. So you will be able to make lots of your customers happy.

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