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Selling Water Coolers As A Business Idea

Water coolers are sold everywhere and this number only grows.

Everyone needs to drink water, usually one person drinks about 3,3 gallons of water every day, and that means that in all business centers employees must install water coolers.

Water cooler is a special device that can even make water hot, which is really good for preparing tea or coffee.

And there are lots of water cooler types, there are coolers for offices and for homes.

So you will be able to work on different markets at the same time installing water coolers.

One cooler costs about 75 dollars and you can sell it for about 100 dollars.

For a month you can earn about couple of thousand dollars investing less then a thousand dollars in your business.

Of course you will need to take care about delivery of coolers to your customers, but probably your car will be more then enough for a start.

So if you don’t have lots of money for a start selling water coolers can be a really good business choice for you.

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