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Movie House As A Business.

Lets talk about movie house as a business, is it worthy or not?

Unfortunately for small towns it is not really good idea to open movie house. If you want to get some money out of your business you need lots of customers.

So first of all you will need really good place for your business.

But anyway, what do we need to open our own movie house, what are initial investments?

Initial investments will be about $5 millions for movie house itself, and about $400k for opening and marketing.

Your movie house will need good sitting places, and really big parking place nearby. And it is not cheap.

Keep in mind, that in business like this you will need to buy all you need at once, and that is why it is so expensive.

What is a good place for your theater?

Think about old storehouses, there will be no need to invest in building and construction works.

It is always better and cheaper to use something that is already built.

If you don’t know how to start your movie house business, look for good franchise in this field.

You’ll be taught how to do everything in a right way, and you will not spend money for nothing.

What movies are good for you?

Think about your customer, and not about yourself, and you will get always good money out of every business.

You will need lots of workers in your theater. And you will need to pay them salaries, think about it.

If you are serious in your movie house business you will need at least 50 workers. So you will need lots of money for them.

You will get your money back in about four or five years. But anyway investment should be big.

Movie house is a good business, and people like movies, it is part of American culture, so if you do everything right, you will get your money.

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