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Soap Bubbles Show As A Business Idea

soap bubble showThe bubble show business idea has practically no competition, but the income is pretty decent. You must figure out how to organize your business of a soap bubble show.

All children love to blow bubbles. This colorful action leads kids to delight.

Many people usually earn really good money organizing bubble shows.

A good business idea is that almost everyone can make it and it does not require large financial investments.

A step-by-step plan for starting a bubble show business

The advantage of the bubble show is the minimal competition. The market for such entertainment services is practically empty. Soap bubble shows appeared on the marker relatively recently. However, the demand for such performances is already high.

Orders for soap bubble shows can be accepted from kindergartens, schools, as well as individuals (newlyweds) or large organizations holding corporate events.

How much money do you need to start a bubble show business

To start a business at a soap bubble show, you will need about 5 thousands dollars. You will need to spend some money on purchasing appropriate equipment.

In addition, the entrepreneur will need to purchase musical equipment for performances with sound and light special effects.

If you have financial opportunities, you can rent a small office but usually there is no need in it.

In addition to buying of equipment, a businessman needs to include in the project budget current expenses for buying costumes for artists, scenery, advertising services in local media.

In order to attract the attention of customers to the services being implemented, it makes sense to constantly update the program of performances, to include not only the soap bubble show itself, but also theatrical performances, performances with which you can maintain the interest of the children’s audience.

How much can you earn from a bubble show

What profit can you get from holding a soap bubble show?

A simple performance lasting 30 minutes costs about 500 dollars.

A show with smoke, lighting, special effects and the participation of several artists is 1000 dollars or maybe more.


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