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Breeding Chinchillas

Nowadays the best business is unique business, or at least it has to be rare. Let’s look at chinchillas breeding. It is very rare and very profitable business. Let’s look closer to it.

As far as we know chinchilla is a small animal with very nice fur, and it is not so difficult to breed it in US climate.

The thing we need is fur, it is very valuable.

Organizing farm.

The best way to run chinchillas business is making a farm. The farm has to be dry and clean, without drafts. And you have to keep in mind that chinchillas are night animals, so you have to think about soundproofing.

Chinchillas eat only once a day, but cages must be clean, and there must be water for drinking all the time.

Before making a farm it will be a smart idea to practice with one family of chinchillas, and only after it invest money in breeding of chinchillas.

Expenses and profits.

For the first time there will be no need to hire people, it will be more than enough only one person to look after chinchillas.

One chinchilla cost about 50 dollars, multiply it on 80, we will get 4000 dollars. Making a small farm will cost something about 4000 dollars also. And there is no need to wary a lot about food, 240 dollars a year will be more than enough. So in average the cost of your business will be about 10000 dollars.

The profit in one year will be about 20000 dollars. So it seems to be a good business.

So if you are looking for easy going business, with low expenses, breeding of chinchillas is a very smart idea.

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