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Truck Wash Business Idea

truck washThere are not many special washers for trucks.

Let’s take a look at the business idea of starting your own truck wash line and how much you can earn with a help of such a business.

There are car washes, SUVs and minibuses in all cities and towns.
However it is much more problematic to use of such a service for drivers who drive a 65-feet truck.

Not every place has a truck wash and this field is vacant for your business, so the idea of washing trucks can be a good start for your business.

The entrepreneur needs to hire about 10 employees (washers and managers). Accounting can be provided by freelancer.

The company’s target group is truck drivers, who are forced to sit behind the wheel of large trucks for a few days (or even weeks).

Of course, trucks are usually extremely dirty, and that is why they can become your customers.

How much can your car wash earn?

The cost of washing a truck can reach 300 dollars. But usually sum is much less.

If your truck washer serves at least 10-15 customers a day, the net profit for working hours can be more than 10 000 dollars.

Therefore, investing in such a project is extremly profitable.

Another source of income for entrepreneurs can be the opening of a small canteen for drivers or car shops at your truck wash.

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