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Opening A Car Wash

Almost everyone in USA has a car, and of course everyone wants its car to be nice and clean.

That is why car wash business is very popular and profitable in America.

If you want to open your own car wash, in this article I will try to explain you, what exactly you will need to start this business.

Clean car right now is almost the same as a clean suite for businessman.

And every needs his car to be washed.

You will not need to much, but anyway it is a good idea to have a business plan for yourself to understand, how your business has to grow.

So what does it take to open a car wash?

First of all you will need a place for your car wash, and it very important to find a really good place for it.

And prices for place can very, and it will be up to you to find it.

For cleaning equipment you will need about 25 000 dollars, and with this equipment you will be able to serve about 4 cars at once, and it is really good for a start.

So as far as you can see, you will not need to much money to start such business.

If you are going to start your business in a small town, then probably you will not need to serve more then four cars at the same time.

But if you plan to open your car wash in a big city, then consider to clean about 16 cars at the same time, and that is why you will need lots of workers.

You will not need to hire well trained personal for your car wash, and that is why you will not need to pay them lots of money.

But still, it you don’t have lots of money for your workers, maybe it will be a good idea to start a small car wash for the first time.

Be prepared to work for 24 hours a day without days off, because your customers will need clean cars all the time, and without days off you can earn much more money.

If everything will be good, than you will be able to get your money back in about a half a year, because this business is very profitable.

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