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Dry Closets Cleaning As A Business Idea

How to start your small business offline using dry closets as an example.

We will consider in detail the general business plan. And all the important features and pitfalls of the business.

One of the most reliable and useful variants of business ideas has recently been the opening of a network of dry closets.

This type of business is considered clean and humane. The profit of this type of business is about twenty-five percent.

The starting point for setting up this type of business is small. So opening a network of dry closets is easy.

The price of a dry shelf starts at six hundred dollars. But if you buy used equipment, you can save a lot.

However, it is worth noting that you always have to spend a lot of time to buy high-quality used equipment at a short price.

In any case, the salary of a dry cash register is small and does not affect the financial situation of the entrepreneur.

You need to spend some money cleaning the tanks. On average, this is done about ten times a month. Although it happens less often. Cleaning costs range up to twenty dollars.

The maintenance of biotoilet cabins is relatively simple and does not cause any special problems. They are not connected by any communication.

In this case, it is necessary to apply for strict liability coupons. Which are approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

There is no need to buy more cash registers.

As this business is taxed under a simplified system.

Let’s not forget that every company can have its own problems, the network of dry cabinets is no exception. One such problem is graffiti.
You can’t be sure of such a problem. But the monetary cost of the repair is not significant.

Other problematic situations in this type of business include employee transport. And various state and administrative barriers.

The main investment in this business sector is dry cabinets. So you need to be very careful when buying them.

Further business success will depend on the choice of toilet cubicle.

When buying a stand, great attention must be paid to its technical properties, door reliability. Tank strength and also special anti-vandal features.

Remember that the strength and profitability of your business will depend on the quality and durability of dry cabinets.

What documents are needed to open the network of dry cabinets
Usually, some problems occur as soon as the network is opened.

There are often problems with business documentation. This means that for legal business registration. You must enter into a water supply contract with the city, obtain permission to open from the SES, the city planning committee and other city councils.

However, recycling and waste disposal permits play the most important role in registering for this type of activity.

To avoid problems with business documentation. You can choose a professional supplier to buy dry cabinets.

These companies are reliable and knowledgeable sellers and suppliers of this type of equipment and also participate in the complete registration of this type of company, obtaining the relevant licenses and licenses.

If advice is needed, they will provide them in a timely manner. As well as advise on the most successful rack placement and help solve other problematic problems.

In addition, it should be noted that when choosing a cabin. Great care must be taken in the weather conditions in which the shoe may operate.

Thus, in extreme cold, the contents of the tank may freeze. And temporarily stop working, and in extreme heat, ordinary plastic may begin to develop.

Emphasis should be placed on the company’s profitability, seasonal factor and pricing policy when opening such a business.

This business can be profitable with a continuous operation of at least fifty stalls. If there are few of them, then the company’s income is very small.
However, you don’t have to start with more stands, three is enough to start. And then just buy the boxes.

If the population of the city where you open such a network is more than five hundred thousand. Then it is necessary to constantly and rapidly increase the number of dry cabinets.

If you manage to get the required number of cottages, you should consider creating a special park with the reservation of cottages. It can be used for a wide range of occasions, including regional or city events.

In addition, we do not forget to disinfect the boxes. As the business grows, you can think of your own cars. With each car serving a maximum of 80 biotoilet cabins per month.

Depending on your success rate and progress, you may want to consider the specific location of unused boxes.

As a further development of the business, you can try to rent a bathroom. This will eliminate the need to use them and allow you to make decent money.

There are many people who want to rent a bathroom in a big city. Customers are mainly various organizations and items that need to have dry cabinets available.

Booth rental is also very much needed in summer restaurants and cafes. If you want to start making bathrooms, you have to invest a lot of money in this business.

Firstly, it is a search for suppliers of special materials for production, and secondly, you need to obtain special permits and licenses from the hygienic and epidemiological administration. As well as a certificate with which you can produce these products.

Whatever type of business you choose, you should always remember that you can sell your product not only in one city, but even beyond its borders.

How to start a company for the assembly of dry cabinets
It is necessary to ensure profitability in the first stage before preparing the necessary documentation for the installation of the dry cabinet.

Agree immediately that there should be at least a dozen boxes, otherwise we don’t have any. Even in the first phase, it is necessary to select all the most suitable and useful places where it makes sense to install a dry cabinet.

Then you can start buying the necessary equipment, paperwork and installation of dry cabinets and directly in selected areas. How much do you earn
The reception of dry cabinets can be very different, because in most cases it all depends on where you install such equipment.

If this is an area that is traversed by a large stream of people every day, then the incomes are just as high.

Usually, from a dozen dry cabinets located in the central part of the city, you can get about 100 thousand dollars.

What equipment to choose for opening such a business?

The most important equipment is the toilet cubicle, so special care must be taken when purchasing the equipment.

Undoubtedly, the toilet cabinet should be wide enough, have reliable doors and high-quality technical features to help the dry cabinet last as long as possible.

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