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Restaurant At Home And Mobile App For Finding Customers.

Cookapp is a special app for smartphone, that helps cooks to open so called home restaurants at home.

Chefs now have a full freedom in their cooking abilities. And they can show their best in cooking. And as it was mentioned above, chefs can open their own restaurants in their living rooms.

However, not every person can register as a chef in such app. To make an account there you have to be registered in Facebook first, and fill the special blank.

After it you have to pass special inspection, not you but your house and kitchen. After it you will have to make dinner, which will be photographed, and will be added to the database in Cookapp.

All this actions will prove the authority of the service, that service in such restaurants will be good enough and on the highest level. Potential chef will be tested even to meet guests in his home restaurant.

To become a customer of such restaurant is very easy. For the beginning customer has to register in app, with the help of Facebook, then donate for food, usually it is about 40 or 60 dollars, to cover expenses of the owners of such restaurants.

After it customers will go to home restaurant and taste their dinner.

Because of donations, it is still possible not to be “caught” by health department of NY state, which doesn’t allow to sell food in not licensed restaurants or cafes.

Of course there can be problems with security. But the owner of home restaurant can see Facebook profile of their future customer, so they can make a decision will they serve such person or not.

Eventually in the database of Cookapp stays information about contacts and credit cards of the guest, so it can help to find dangerous personalities.

Nowadays this app is very popular in US, and your house can become a good restaurant for others.

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