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Powerful Candle Heater

It is not a secret that gas and electricity are very expensive, and if there is an alternative to it, it sounds good already.

Marko Zagaria, Italian designer made interesting invention. He made new heater, and a fuel for this heater is cheap candle, or lots of cheap candles. Energy from burning candles heat volume of terracotta. This heater is cheap and clean, and good for health and environment.

If we will look at the construction of such device we will see terracotta domes, bars which look like grill and the basis on which all this construction stands on.

The place for candles is on the basis of this construction, and they heat domed vessels, which a made of terracotta. And they are heating vessels, which are situated on the grill.

In the result of all this chemical reactions we will get lots of heat from cheap candles. And in several hours temperature in the house will rise on several degrees.

The heater is very housewifely and you will get lots of heat for a very small price.

And if for some reason your house will be switches off electricity or gas, it will be very good alternative for you, as a heater.

Almost 260 thousands of such devices are sold already, so it is really good idea for your business. And the price of such heater in US it about 50 dollars, so it is very inexpensive.

The size of such heater can very. And big models can heat a big area, so they can be good enough for offices or trade areas.

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