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Opening Restaurant Without Kitchen

Restaurant without kitchen is a really good idea because you don’t need to invest lots of money in it.

Regular restaurant costs a lot, and bigger part of money every businessman invests in kitchen and cooling chamber.

If you don’t have kitchen, you shouldn’t spend lots of money for a start.

But how does it work?

It is interesting way to run a restaurant.

Customers just make and order, and waiters bring orders without heating it or preparing in any form.

If the dish is too cold there is a heating lamp on the table, and customer can just warm food on his own.

If course this business is new in America, but there are enough of such restaurants, and you can even buy a franchise of this kind of restaurant, and it is really good idea, because you will be taught how to run your business in the right way.

For such a restaurant it is very important to be in a big town, because otherwise it will be really difficult to find enough of semifinished food.

And it is important to find a really good place for your restaurant so your customers can enjoy really picturesque view.

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