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Making Small Mobile Houses For Rent

Did you want to take your home with you? I had such idea once, when I went to another country.

But if we are serious, making small mobile houses is a very profitable business, because lots of people want to buy such houses.

And lots of people want to rent small house that can be transported any where.

What are profits of renting a small mobile house?

There is no need to pay money to any hotel owner, and you can take your dog or cat with you. And you can not do it, if you plan to rent a room in a hotel.

And you can take your small house anywhere with you, and it is impossible with hotel room.

To start such business you will need about 500 000 dollars, because you will need to buy all raw-materials and pay salary to your workers.

To make 5 – 10 small mobile houses per month you will need about 5 workers.

So if you want to run serious business you will need about 20 workers.

Who are your potential customers?

Everyone who owns places for rest, but don’t have enough houses for rent.

They can rent lots of your houses for a while, because this business can be seasonal.

And rent for tourists is also good business.

You can sell your small houses to anyone who wants to buy it.

There are lots of people who need a house, but they must to travel a lot all across America. And they can buy one of your small mobile houses.

There are lots of groups who like tourism, and probably they will be glad to buy your small travel house.

It is very interesting business, but probably it will be a smart idea to run a regular construction business first, and when you will have experience of building houses, you can start production of small travel houses.

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