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Several Ways To Start Your Own Business Having Only Smartphone.

So it just so happen, that you are unemployed. Sometimes it happens with everyone. And there is no way to find another job, and you do not  have enough money to start tour own business. And maybe you do not have a laptop or pc to look for another job.

So there is no need to panic. Let’s think how you can earn some extra money, while you are looking for a regular job. And let’s look at possibilities that our smartphone and gmail box can give us.

And it you are in a hurry, you can start bringing this ideas to life tomorrow or even today.

Of course if you have laptop or a pc, it will be much easier for you to solve several tasks much faster, but still you will need smartphone to earn money. And you will use your smartphone almost every day for earning money. So let’s do it!


If you have a car with a large back seat, and you are capable to keep it clean and tidy, you can start trucking business, especially if you live in a small town, where there is no developed infrastructure. The biggest problem in this business is getting the right driving license category.

It varies from state to state, so you have to check, if you are OK with your driving license.

When you start your business you can make a small web site of your service, and you can use your smartphone to get calls from your potential customers.

You can use your smartphone as organizer, and address book, and of course Google Maps will help you a lot, do not forget about gps.

You can register  in UberCab so your customers can order your service with the help of smartphone.


If you live in the same city for a long time it can become a good opportunity to start your small business. And the best way to do it is to become a guide.

Make a website of your small business, leave couple of words about yourself at “Excursopedia”, tell them that you are expert guide, who makes excursions around the native town.

On your smartphone you can install Google Maps to make a route of excursion. In your free time you can make a guidebook and sell it on demand, in a form of eBook or you can even make an app for smartphone.


Of course it can seem strange to start a career of writer without a pc, but anyway you can buy one, pc isn’t cost to much.

Your own blogging can be a really good start, there are lots of applications with the use of which you can write posts on main blog platforms including WordPress and Tumblr, and some of this platforms for example TypePad have built-in modules for working through cell phones.

But there is no need to stay only with blogging, you can try yourself as a regular writer. Maybe cell phone will not be enough, anyway pc doesn’t cost too much.

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