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An Edible Drop

“Ooho” is a spherical membrane for transporting water, which can be eaten after drinking liquid out of it.

Plastic bottles are really big problem for environment. And this problem is such huge, that in San Francisco it is forbidden to sell water in plastic bottles.

And invention of students from Great Britain can introduce new way to solve this question. And it names “Ooho”.

This interesting package which is made of seaweed and calcium was invented by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, who is a student from London.

Idea is simple, water freezes and after it is wrapped by invented material to make an edible drop.

Everyone can make such edible drop, and materials cost almost nothing.

So if you are interested in business which will be popular in San Francisco or other city of USA, where plastic bottles are forbidden, you can produce such edible drops.

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