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Starting Authorized Service Center

As far as we know authorized service center is an organization which repairs electronics or staff like that under famous brand name.

Authorized service center not only repairs, but maintains product which were sold in authorized stores.

Of curse very good idea is to have business plan written on your own, where you will describe your vision of such business.

But lets just talk about its opening in a short.

Authorized service center is a smart idea, because lots of people buy products of popular brands and hope that they can get a good service in authorized cervices.

So you will have a really big advantage against regular repair services.

What do you need to open such business?

Firs of all you have to register your company in the USA.

After it you will need to get license from famous brands, that you can fix their products, to do it, you have to call them or write an official letter.

When you will get license, you can start your business in this field.

You will need reception point where your customers will bring their broken products, then you need a good workshop, where you will fix all that staff, and transport to bring huge staff to your place.

You will be the one who fixes different products, but of course factories will sponsor you with supplies and spare parts, so there will be no need for you to buy all this things.

If product appears to be on guarantee, than factory pays you for all your fixing works.

Of course all contracts are individual, and differ from one service center to another, but there is no need for you to wary about it.

But of course you have to think, how much money you will need to start such business. Sum may vary from place to place, so it is up to you to sort everything out.

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