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Virtual Presense At Sport Matches.

Idea is very simple. It is virtual presence at a footbal matche or something else.

As for me I don’t like to watch matches but take part in it, but anyway the idea for business is really good.

It is not as cheap as you think to arrange it, because you will need lots of equipment on the stadium, and you have to translate lots of data to the customer.

But if you do everything write, you will have lots of customers.

There are lots of people who like sport but are unable to go to the match on their own.

And probably they will gladly pay you for possibility of virtual presence at a footbal match.

All stuff that customer need is a vitual presence devise, maybe something like google glasses.

Of course you have to explain your customers, that the price of such presence is very high, and that is why you will ask lots of money for such presence.

And you will have to buy lots of equipment for translating football match from the stadium.

And for such equipment you will spend lots of money.

Of corse you have to remember about stakeholders for example stadium administration and internet provider.

You have to communicate with them so they will assist you or sometimes even give you a hand.

Anyway idea is very interesting and worthy.

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