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Biodegradable Coffee Cups With Seeds Of Native Plants

Almost every day we drink coffee. And there are lots of cups which fouls nature.

There are lots of ingredients which fouls environment. And it is a big problem right now.

But there is a solution already.

Biodegradable coffee cups are coming, and it is better for you as for businessmen to be the first, who will produce them.

But you can include seeds of different plants printed inside it.

So if someone drinks coffee, this person can plant a coffee cup, and after a while on it’s place lots of plants will grow.

There is already company in California which produces such cups, but I am pretty sure all other states need such company.

That is why you can easily start such business in any state of US.

You will not need huge investments to produce such cups, and it will be very profitable, especially if you make agreement with several coffee shops which care about nature.

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