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Cafe Opening

Comfortable cafe always has enough customers. And it is not so difficult to run a cafe business in America.

But anyway you have to know all difficulties with which your business will face.

Really good idea is to make good business plan before you start.

Business plan is needed mostly for you, so you can understand all difficulties and how much money you will need for your cafe.

Of course you can go online and download a ready business plan of cafe, but I am pretty sure, that it will be useless for your region.

Think about marketing first, if you live in a town population 500, so maybe it will not be really good business for such region.

If you live in a town population 10 000 so maybe you will get enough customers to earn some money, in case that there are not much cafes in your region.

First of all you will need to find a right place for your cafe. And think about working hours.
Sometimes it is much better to work little bit longer, and earn little bit more.

Maybe your customers will come in a morning hours before getting to work, think about is also.

There can be lots of cafes near by, so think about your marketing advantages.

You have to clearly imagine your customer, it is very important, how does it look like? Does your customer have a dog or a cat? Is he or she single?

You need to understand will you get your customers, and do they live nearby your cafe?

Plan is needed for your cafe, and it has to be clear for everyone, even for a ten year old kid.

Keep in mind that you will need little bit more money then you plan, it always happens with young entrepreneurs, so you have to be prepared.

Think about your menu, it is important also. You will need to find good suppliers of products and groceries.

And probably if you buy vegetables and fruits from nearby farm it will be really cheap for you.
Maybe you will serve only salads, and small cakes. It will not take lots of time for preparing and you will be able to serve much more customers.

Think about alcohol, what cocktails you will serve. And don’t forget about tea and coffee. Probably you will need a really good coffee machine.

Salary of your workers can be big also, so maybe for the first time it will be a really good idea to work on your own with family members. Just think about it.

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