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‘Volume Photography’ As A Business Idea

With smartphone cameras getting so good these days, many people only hire a photographer for special events, such as weddings or parties.

To get more bang for your buck, look for photography gigs that involve taking lots and lots of photos in one setting throughout the day.

This is called a photo volume.

Photo volume can add up quickly if you don’t have a good workflow.

In recent years, organizational structure for photographers and designers has become popular.

PhotoDay, a business and service center for photographers, is designed specifically to help professionals who plan to take a lot of photos during a session.

“My wife and I work together, and we spend all our time doing this: work,” explains Robin Janson, a professional photographer.

Now we earn more money in less time, so we can focus on our marriage and family. Photoday is a game changer whether voice photography is your full time job or side job.

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