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Beauty Or Wellness Product As A Business Idea

Making health or skin care products from scratch can be a big and expensive project.

If your bright idea falls into this category, have you checked all the FDA regulations?

Multi-year timelines are not uncommon for new products in these industries.

Branding white goods can be a great deal if you’re just starting out.

JBK Wellness Labs, Inc. 5000, says white labeling is a great resource for salon or spa owners, hair stylists, and beauticians who want to put their own stamp on proven techniques.

“Choosing a high-quality white label system allows you to generate increased sales revenue and products that generate high profit margins,” said Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JBK Wellness Labs says.

“In addition, the products you sell to your customers can’t be redeemed on e-commerce sites, leading to more visits to your site.”

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