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Advertising Video Stands As A Business

Advertising video stands is a very interesting and new business. And you can earn really good money running it.

If you have about 10 000 dollars you can start such a business. You will be surprised, how cheap such stands are.

One video stand costs about 1 000 dollars or little bit more, but not more then 3 000 dollars.

You can place such stand somewhere in a trading mall or in a place such it, and earn really good money advertising other businesses.

The main difficulty in such a business is finding new customers.

You can advertise about 25 customers a day, but even if you have about ten customers a day you can earn about 3 000 dollars a month only with a help of one stand.

You can make video or picture slide for your customer on your own, and this activity can be an additional business for you.

So if you are looking for an interesting business this one can ideally fit you.

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